The Multifamily Experience

We realized long ago that the motivation for implementing technology differs for all the stakeholders in multifamily residential properties because building owners, managers and residents all want technology for different reasons – so we decided to create and share with the world a management platform for IoT Technologies that gives everyone what they want.  Our solutions give residents added convenience, knowledge, and control of their living environments.  While owners and managers harvest the operational benefits of these connected technologies, from saving money to differentiation from other communities and integration of desirable and emerging technologies into a simple to use operate and maintain platform – we call it ProXper and are mighty proud of it!

Our executives bring decades of experience developing great projects and programs that consistently deliver results.   Our staff understands multifamily residential technologies and we take pride in helping to unleash optimum property performance.

We look forward to learning how we can help you.

Be in Control of your Property with ProXper

Evolutix places you in the front seat when it comes to managing your property.  Flexible and scalable, our solutions can be deployed onto large and small properties providing managers real-time analytics that help formulate cost-effective approaches toward operations that lead to higher revenues, lower operating costs and longer equipment life. The power of your business is in your hands and the possibilities of integration are endless.

ProXper is at the core of our commitment to provide an automation system that is customizable, easy and simple to operate.  With custom design dashboard capabilities, users can select from a list of data fields and key performance indicators to create a dashboard that presents the specific data in a way that helps them manage more effectively the areas of the facility that they are responsible for.  The ProXper dashboard for a Director of Engineering would display different key performance indicators (KPIs) than the dashboard for a Property Manager or an Owner.

For residents our solutions give them control of their living spaces which creates a real connection between the resident and the community, this is excellent for communities who aim to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience that has residents talking about and promoting their community.

By deploying the features of ProXper your organization can optimize operations by carefully studying the simple, intuitive formats of the dashboard builder. Optimizing operations can lead to the comfort, safety, and health of all your residents and their guests. The time for real-time analytics is now.


Let EvoPad Enhance your
Resident Experience

Your residents also get to interact with our technology through EvoPad, a unique resident app that opens access to all the IoT conveniences and more.  One unified app allows residents to control even the most basic of functions with the touch of a button.  From sending electronic keys to guests to control the TV and change the temperature or control the lights or shades and much more all from the EvoPad, and that is only the beginning.


Evolutix offers you the latest technology available for Intelligent Living Environments, we work with clients to design and implement IoT solutions in apartments, common areas (inside and out), and more. EvoPad is a unifying app that engages the elements of your residents’ home, your community, your property and your brand, placing all the Intelligent Living Environment conveniences in the palm of your residents’ hands.

An Agnostic Approach to Technology

Evolutix uses industry standard communications, that allow us to integrate with a variety of IoT devices and building automation systems to obtain or share data, all of which can be displayed in ProXper.

This agnostic approach to technology allows our clients who have properties with different automation systems to exercise vendor independence and focus on the data they need to effectively operate their property portfolio rather than the source of the data.

Our technology can communicate with virtually any energy management system, collect and harmonize raw information and display it into the ProXper dashboard.

Technology Partners

We integrate with other best in class technology providers, such as Salto, Assa Abloy, Kaba Saflok and other security system providers to ensure the safety of your residents. Our ProXper software and their fantastic locks combine for the kind of security that you want at your property. Evolutix provides quality programs that can keep both energy and safety a top priority – always.