The Age of Technologically Innovative Experiences is Here

The management features of our applications provide you with complete control over your community and help you formulate solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operations each year. Our solutions delivered through EvoPad and ProXper serve specific and unique purposes, granting property management the knowledge necessary to please residents and keep their property in top shape.


EvoPower is the engine behind the technology that seamlessly powers the Evolutix intelligent living environment. EVOPOWER PLATFORM provides a centralized hub of information for all of your property’s needs. Staying on top of your resident experience, security, inspections, maintenance, and everything else gives you a unique advantage in the way you run your business. Leaving little to chance is an excellent way to run your property, and we are here to back you with EVOPOWER.

  • Organized calendar for real-time facility assessments, performance stats for each unit, and inspection checks
  • Custom checklists and auto triggers for identified issues
  • Maintenance and inspection records on fixed assets for future reference
  • Full property and resident unit data for quick decisions regarding resident experiences
  • Mobile device incorporation for quick access anywhere in the building


Residents download the EvoPad app onto their mobile devices to gain control over every aspect of their living space at any given time.

Enhanced Resident Lifestyle

  • Resident communication
  • Package Management
  • Maintenance Request
  • Home Control
  • Amenities Reservations
  • Visitors
  • Video Intercom
  • Property Rules and Guidelines
  • Rent Payment
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Community Board
  • Event and Announcements Calendar
  • Incident Report
  • Resident – Community Hub

The EvoPad app is also enabled to provide convenience and control to management and operations.

Drive Operational Efficiency

  • Schedule, assign, and close all forms of work orders (maintenance and more)
  • Asset Management features to see procedures, costs, history, and more
  • Identify and resolve engineering issues remotely
  • Maintain accurate and insightful management reports
  • Keep track of all equipment performance, maintenance and inspection records
  • View and analyze performance data to make better decisions


ProXper puts the power in your hands by handing you real-time updates of your property’s energy and logistic systems. Its management cockpit helps visualize data and provides intuitive key performance indicators (KPI) that deliver real-time analytics and helps optimize operational efforts.

Using standard communications, we integrate building systems allowing operators, managers and vendors to maximize their workflows and planning processes. 

ProXper can communicate with virtually any new and existing technologies on the market.  If it has an API we can integrate and that includes smart thermostats, locks, lights, water leak detection systems and more.

ProXper can help you save on assets like carpet, drywall, and fabrics by keeping your property at prime-comfort temperature levels while eliminating moisture in the air. Your community residents will feel comfortable, and you will be saving money. The power of ProXper to deliver an unforgettable experience that is rich in information is unrivaled, and that is why we are proud to offer it to our clients.

Real-time data about energy systems

Temperature and humidity controls

Dashboard settings for all energy aspects of the property

Individual unit performance

Investment protection via careful analytic-driven solutions

Manage your IoT Score Performance

Resident Lifestyle improvement through analytics

Benchmarking & Performance