Loaded with Benefits you Would Surely Love

At Evolutix, we are system integrators focused on serving multifamily communities. ProXper gathers data from multiple systems and presents the data in a dashboard that helps clients manage their community and portfolios of properties.ProXper streamlines resident and back-office administrative needs with a comprehensive solution that takes care of the intricacies that come with property ownership, community management and maintenance management of multifamily properties.

  • Total Visibility into your Property and Portfolio 
  • Visualize dashboards with key metrics and start improving results
  • Time efficiency and accuracy with automated real-time data reports
  • Enable staff and residents with reliable technology
  • Access the best products and services at lowest prices
  • Reduce environmental footprint with energy savings
  • Track and analyze performance for increased productivity and savings
  • Engage and communicate with residents
  • Harmonizes data from different systems
  • Empower your community with the latest technology

Enjoy the Benefits of the Future of Hospitality

Contact us and learn more about what makes our technology the most innovative in the market. We believe in what we do, and we want you to enjoy the benefits of having complete control of your hotel operation to make a stay at your property a significant experience.