Solutions for Hotels, Solutions for Guests

We have developed a family of hardware and software modules is fully scalable and can be deployed in large and small hospitality properties for operational improvement purposes, providing managers with accurate information about the property’s performance. Real-time analytics can help management formulate cost-effective approaches toward operations that lead to higher revenues, lower operating costs, and longer equipment life. With endless possibilities for integration, our technology puts you in the front seat when it comes to managing your property.

From small to large hotels, we provide guests with innovative services that are here to stay and technologies for hotel management that deliver process improvements, reduce operating costs – often so much that our solutions become self-funded.

Hospitality is our specialty!

Be in Control of your Hotel with ProXper

ProXper helps managers view, present and analyze building data to optimize hotel operations. Tracking key performance indicators and visualizing data is simple, with this intuitive and powerful management dashboard designed for hospitality.

The system is totally customizable, allowing users to select from a list of data fields and key performance indicators to design a dashboard that presents the specific data in a way that helps them manage more effectively the areas of the facility that they are responsible for – so the ProXper dashboard for a Director of Engineering would display different key performance indicators (KPIs) than the dashboard for a Director of Housekeeping or a General Manager, which in turn differs from the view created by the Asset Manager or Portfolio Manager.

ProXper provides information about all power and operational data which allows the user to make well-informed decisions about system performance and help prioritize efficiency investments. Data analytics is the future of smart living and ProXper gives your unique property advantages that can save you vast amounts of money each year, providing you financial peace of mind.

ProXper leaves no detail behind and gives operational and logistic teams a leg up in terms of property knowledge and reports. By deploying the features of ProXper the hotel can optimize operations by carefully studying the simple, intuitive formats of the dashboard builder. Optimizing hotel operations can lead to the comfort, safety, and health of all your guests. The time for real-time analytics is now.


Let Angel Improve your Guest Experience

Bring convenience into your guests’ hands, with the Angel web app.  Built with white-label capabilities, Angel can adopt your hotel’s brand for a seamless experience that will enable guests to control room settings, communicate with hotel staff, access room-service features, and more.  Guests will engage with your property in their most simple form, using their mobile devices.

Angel becomes the interface that brings automation for your guests control of their room and automate interactions with staff, creating a real connection between the guest and the property.   Allowing both guests and staff to manage room settings and requests from one simple platform enhances convenience, increases efficiency and delivers a seamless guest experience that keeps guests returning.

  • No download needed
  • Brand customization enabled
  • Access from any device in any language
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Open room with a digital key
  • Communicate with staff via text
  • Make Service requests
  • Rating capabilities
  • Room Automation

An Agnostic Approach to Technology

Evolutix uses industry standard communications, that allow us to integrate with a variety of building automation systems to obtain or share data, all of which can be displayed in ProXper. 

This agnostic approach to technology allows hotel clients who have properties with different automation systems to exercise vendor independence and focus on the data they need to effectively operate their hotel portfolio rather than the source of the data. 

Our technology can communicate with virtually any guest room energy management system, collect and harmonize raw information to display it into the client’s ProXper dashboard.


We integrate with other best in class hotel technology providers, such as Salto, Assa Abloy, Kaba Saflok and more security systems which ensure the safety of all guests. Our technically sound software and their fantastic locks combine for the kind of security that you want at your property. Evolutix provides quality programs that can keep both energy and safety a top priority always.