The Age of Technologically Innovative Hospitality is Here

The features of our applications provide you with complete control over your property and help you formulate solutions that can save you thousands of dollars in operations each year. Our technology grants hoteliers the knowledge necessary to please guests and keep their property in top shape. Take a closer look here at the features of each of our applications.


The features and impact to hoteliers range from data collection to guest services and much more – nothing is outside of view. ProXper integrates with other systems and analyzes all the events you wish to track that are occurring in your property at any given time and provides data regarding them. This can pertain to security, staff efficiency, accountability and inspection trends.


Leaving little to chance is an excellent way to run your hospitality property, and we are here to back you by providing you ProXper.

Organized calendar for real-time facility assessments

Custom checklists and auto triggers for identified issues

Maintenance and inspection records on fixed assets for future reference

Full hotel room data for quick decisions regarding guest experiences

Mobile device incorporation for quick access anywhere in the building

Metrics and accountability for all staff members

Temperature and humidity controls

Dashboard settings for all energy aspects of the property

Reporting and savings analysis on a room by room basis


Angel App
Powered by Nuvola

Angel is a unique technology built for hospitality with comprehensive hotel software and automation technologies that allow hotel clients and their guests to benefit from service optimization and IoT guest room services, all in one platform.  From the convenience of the customizable Angel web app, hotels can enable and disable features and functions at the click of a mouse and the guests are able to control the lighting, temperature, music, TV, draperies, and additional room/service features directly from their smartphone or mobile device and can even integrate voice commands with Alexa Echo.

Angel stands out as the ultimate guest interaction tool.