Why Evolutix

ENGAGEMENT – our building owner and manager customers tell us they want better ways to engage with their clients, whether they are guests in hotels or residents in apartments or condos. Across all markets we serve today, people are toting phones and tablets at all times, doing everything from talking, posting, texting, and tweeting as they move throughout their day. EvoPad is a powerful engagement platform that is always available and becomes an integral component of managing the client lifecycle to drive positive experiences and build customer engagement and loyalty.

PEACE OF MIND – At Evolutix we are keenly aware of the fact that our solutions are in people’s living environments as such, our solutions are directed at the average consumer, and we make sure we design networks that are able to deliver on the anticipation of flawless performance that the guests and residents who occupy these spaces expect. Our solution has been a powerful tool to help owners and managers provide differentiated solutions that help them ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and engagement.

SUPPORT – We are open when you are and stand ready to provide support whenever you may need it. Our 24×7 Network Operations Center and the EcoCare support staff are constantly monitoring all aspects of an implemented system. Each room and all the devices inside that room, plus all network elements and software components are all monitored individually and collectively to assess performance and ensure the highest system reliability and overall performance to maximize comfort and savings.

PROVEN SOLUTIONS – We are an authorized reseller of the EcoSmart energy management system by Telkonet throughout North, Central and South Americas and are the exclusive distributor for Brazil. EcoSmart energy management system has been deployed in over 300,000 rooms providing comfort, generating energy savings and delivering attractive financial returns.
To seize a market opportunity and satisfy client requests, we have made significant investments and enhanced the EcoSmart system and developed the EvoPad, which offers full control over the Living Environment and a complete Lifestyle Management solution with concierge type amenities that help drive guest and resident engagement and leads to uptakes in utilization of services, many of which can have considerable revenue generation capabilities.