In order to deliver truly intuitive solutions we integrate the best technologies in a way that makes the end-product better than the sum of its components. These technology integrations are core competence for Evolutix because we have some of the best and brightest software engineers in the world – they work tirelessly to integrate technologies that offer amenities, provide convenience, deliver cost reductions and ensuresystem performance orreturn on investment (ROI)

At Evolutix we take a “holistic” approach to reducing a facility’s operating costsand do so through twokey offerings that deliverefficient and intelligent living environments

The key Evolutix Solution Offerings include

EvoPad is quickly emerging as a unique platform that can help differentiate a property, generate revenue for building owners and managers to tailor unique experiences to give guests what they really want. EvoPad lets residents control technologies in the room (e.g. TV, thermostat, lighting, etc.), makes it easy access to revenue producing services (e.g. restaurants, spas, golf, tennis, etc.), is a great source of information about the property, community, surrounding areas, local attractions and much more and is easy to update centrally – unlike the traditional hotel directory and best of all, EvoPad ensures everything is adjusted to conserve energy automatically when the rooms are vacant.

The EvoPad solution for all clients is customized for their unique and individual needs and desires. In the headings below are hyperlinks to more details for the EvoPad and how it’s often customized for each market.

    • Hotel
    • Multi Family
    • Senior Living
    • Student Housing
  • EcoSmart Energy Management SolutionsLearn more

After extensive analysis, review, testing, evaluation and deliberation, we have concluded that the EcoSmart energy management system is absolutely the best web-based energy management system on the market today. It’s a modern company, using some of the latest technologies, from the quality of the sensors used to detect occupancy, temperature, light levels, humidity and more, to the simplicity and strength of the very reliable ZigBee wireless mesh network to reliably communicate with all the devices, sensors and controllers. This solution is awesome, installed in thousands of hotels consistently delivering energy savings, operational data and comfort. Clients who’ve installed EcoSmart love it and can vouch for the awesome support behind the product

Don’t Pay More Than You Need To – Energy Efficiency Rebates and other Incentives:

We are fortunate to have Solutions that typically qualify for rebates, incentives and other sources of funds that maybe available to reduce the capital cost. Our technologies are all well proven and deliver significant reductions in energy consumption and demand and qualify for rebates and incentives from most utilities who have demand side energy efficiency programs for both prescriptive and custom programs. Evolutix will work with the utility or the administrator of the program to ensure clients receive as much as they’re eligible. The rebate is typically paid directly to the building owner.

Where available, we also identify other funding options that maybe available to optimize the project ROI. These can include tax credits and tax incentives or sources like Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program, which are repaid by a voluntary special property tax assessment with fixed interest rate terms for a period of up to 20 yearsto finance 100% of the costs for energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy projects and can even include water conservation measures. The loans are non-recourse and “run with the land”, meaning upon sale of the property, the subsequent owner is responsible for continuing the payments. PACE Equity, one of Evolutix partners is one of the nation’s premier providers of PACE financing.