our partners

From our inception Evolutix has operated under one objective: to integrate the best possible technologies into spaces where people live, to be effective, these technologies have to be simple to use, extremely efficient giving users the ability to control what they want and without complex and expensive wiring and commissioning.

We decided it was also important that we use non-proprietary technologies and we embraced Open Standards and communications protocols. Finally, the technologies we were willing to support had to be simple to install and set up, cost-effective, reliable, comprehensive and future-proof.

So today, we have ‘off-the-shelf’ integrations that are proven and effective with a lot of companies – including many that are not listed on this page, but the companies listed below are ones with whom we excellent executive level relationships, proven integrations, and affordable deliverables that always work … collectively and individually, we always put the customer first.

For example, for security locks, although we can integrate with Assa Abloy and Kaba Saflok, the company we listed on this page is Salto, we like their products, they’re top of the line security that work well, look great and are affordable.

Evolutix will continue to form alliances with best-in-class brands, integrating new technology, like voice control that makes it easy for customers to interact with and control their connected homes. Convenient, connected control enhances peace of mind and improves quality of life.

We know that Customers want simple, reliable technology in their homes, and easy control of their household systems and integration provides customers with the ability to say, ‘Alexa, turn on my lights’ or ‘Siri, Good Morning,’ while still preserving their ability to control lights with the remote, keypad or EvoPad when voice control is not practical.

Below are some of the partners we have the most integrated solutions with and some of the reasons we selected and now have such great relationships with these partners: