• You could press for the elevator via an app, it would be on its way to your level as you open your front door?
  • You no longer needed a key, and your apartment front door would recognize your smartphone instead via Bluetooth LE, opening and then closing it again securely?
  • You send your guests an electronic key that lets them present their smartphone to park their car and enter your building and are directed to your apartment, where their phone grants them access to enter the unit.
  • Imagine sending a temporary key that allows housekeepers, pet sitters, cleaning staff, or service providers like handymen or contractors to access certain doors of your building or to let them into your apartment?.
  • If when the doorbell rang a high-resolution color image appears both via video link in the apartment and on your smartphone display,
  • The receiving department would notify you whenever a package arrives and via your app you can let them know whether to store it, or arrange for a pick-up, or drop it off inside your unit?
  • You could control the temperature, the shades and all the lights in your apartment via your phone or tablet? Maybe a “Movie” scene that dims all the lights so you relax and watch the latest release?
  • You could contact the Valet from your phone so the car is ready and waiting for you when you get to the front door.
  • The shades would help reduce your heating and cooling bills? In the winter use the sun to warm the space and in the summer close the shades to block the sun and reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • You could control the lighting, sockets, temperature – everything in the entire apartment in fact – using apps, both at home and wherever you happen to be in the world?
  • When you came home in the evening all your favorite lights were already lit when you opened the door? Wouldn’t you feel instantly at home?
  • Your favorite music on Spotify would accompany you through all rooms?
  • The lighting could be controlled (for on, off, dimming, warm, cool, color changing) using your smartphone or tablet, e.g. in conjunction with the door handle, a CO2 sensor or other variables you could choose and program yourself?
  • Or the doorbell ringing would be replaced or complemented by lights flashing On/Off to make sure the children aren’t woken up, or to indicate the high level of CO2 in the air?
  • Biologically effective lighting can improve sleeping patterns, with a high intensity of red to fall asleep, and high intensity blue for waking-up.
  • Or have dim lights guiding you to the bathroom turn on when you swing your legs over the railings of your bed.

Benefits for Evopad and EcoSmart INTELLIGENT Living Solution

Distinct Differentiation and Advantage Over Competing Properties

Enhanced Guest Experience Useful Amenities Powerful Guest Engagement
High Touch Service Video intercom Targeted Messaging