Core Value Proposition

The EvoPad was designed to provide an easy to use interface to offer information, monitoring and control for various technologies that when integrated into one platform offer convenience and amenity. We worked hard to make it intuitive, fun, interactive and useful. EvoPad provides information, offers control and is an effective engagement platform for building owners and managers to interact with residents, owners and tenants.

Below are some results:

Increased AverageSpend: EvoPad is a perfect tool to interact with residents, from built-in video intercoms to messaging or upsellling promotions of revenue generating services available at your facility. Evolutix will help you increase average spend per resident, boosting your bottom line. For example, residents can:

Book Amenities - with EvoPad residents can book property offered amenities at their own convenience, see spa treatment schedules or reserve a tee time, even though the golf pro shop is no longer open.

Order Restaurant Service - residents can see pictures of your menu options and can review the menu, place orders and even track the order until it is delivered.

Lower Costs: Decrease your operating costs, even if your tenant pays the utility bills, there are still all the common areas and you can promote the lower utility costs. Generate data that improves staff efficiency. Avoid frozen coils or tenants using windows to regulate temperature. The operation and marketing benefits far outweigh the cost, and allow building owners to dispense with paper directories, marketing materials and communication letters.

Resident satisfaction - EvoPad gives residents full control, when they are in the room, offering control of the connected technologies in their rooms, like television, temperatures, fan speeds, and can include operation of shades and curtains, and lighting control, to change the lighting to different scenes, many other technologies can also be integrated.

EvoPad is a powerful communications platform that provides amenities and control for residentsand offers a platform for engagement with all stakeholdersincluding the resident, the owner and/or management company, fellow residents and the community at large. The entire experience can be customized for each tenant’s individual settings.

Sustainability: Share your success stories and let residents know the sustainability initiatives you’re implementing and eliminate the headache and cost of updating the information booklets about the property and significantly increase resident participation in Green Initiatives

Data - The energy monitoring system will collect useful data for operations to optimize building performance and proactively perform maintenance. experience they will appreciated and , which can be provided to several different departments within a typical hotel. From cost control to revenue management and everything in between. EvoPad will help department heads develop strategies to enhance the guest experience as well as operate the hotel more effectively and helps owners minimize operating costs and extend equipment life.

Increased Asset Valuation: achieved by increasing net operating income through increased revenue from uptake in revenue generating services and fees as well as reduced cost of operations in utility, staffing and outsourced services costs.

Typical Layout Vertical Hi Rise

  • EcoGuard (Plug Load Controller)
  • Automated Blind / Curtain Control
  • Appliances
  • Electronic Lock integration
  • Shades and light
  • EcoTouch Thermostat
  • /Set-Top box
  • TV
  • Smart Meter

The devices on the bottom row communicate via ZigBee, BlueTooth, WiFi, InfraRed and other communications protocols with the EvoPad, providing a seamless network that integrates these devices so they can be accessed for monitoring and/or control from any mobile device through one simple to use app.Below is an example of the user interface

Property & Lifestyle Management

When we integrate the power of monitoring and control of EcoSmart with Vertilinc and make all that information available on the EvoPad app, truly amazing things begin to happen.

Vertilinc is a leading property management software solution used byowners, managers and developers of condominiums, homeowner associations and property management firms. Vertilinc is deployed in more than 350,000 units and delivers the highest quality Property & Lifestyle Management solutions and services using the latest technologies in customer management and integrating with the EcoSmart intelligent building automation through the EvoPad.

Since EvoPad is discussed elsewhere on this site, our focus here is presenting the benefits of the Vertilinc Property and LifestyleManagement solution which offers a slew of amenities to everyone that uses it, especially residents and managers - below are some of the benefits to each:

Benefits for Residents (Read More…)
  • Resident Information
  • View and change contact information, including pets and vehicles, as well as emergency contact information.

    View and change contact and insurance information in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster.

    View permanent guests and pre-authorize guests for easy access into the property.

    View and setup guest lists for any upcoming parties or events tenant is organizing for residence or for community

    View and pay association/condo dues and setup recurring payments.

    Have a complete calendar of events for your area along with access to regional mobile apps with events, coupons, and things to do around town.

  • Community
  • Community Classifieds: post items for sale of purchase, realtors can post units for sale or lease, and all can be controlled by the building's staff.

    Community Maintenance: post maintenance requests for items that need to be fixed in your community and get status information

    Community electronic message boards: post events, maintenance schedules, community meetings

    Gate Security: Visitor login with picture and printed parking permit with directions.

    Community Phone Book: See contact information for the property as well as the city.

    Community Messaging: Exchange messages with other residents (individual or group)

  • Valet Services
  • Request car. Request transportation services (taxi, limo, etc.).

    Luggage or assistance with groceries or other car services (wash, wax, detailing, etc.).

  • Restaurants
  • View information about restaurants in the neighborhood

    Order delivery service from restaurants or snack bars in building or community

    Reserve a table at the top local restaurants and received immediate confirmation

    View menus online and order from local delivery restaurants and automatically notify the gate/front desk that a delivery from the restaurant is coming soon.

  • Property Information
  • Wayfinding, important contacts, information about community, the property, policies and procedures, typical Questions and Answers, Information about residents, amenities, etc.

  • Activities & Facilities
  • View activities provided in and around the building such as tennis courts, racquetball courts, gyms, Spa sessions, golf, and more.

    View schedules, information, and make reservations on all activities.

    View real-time schedules for and reserve facilities such as elevators and loading docks

    Download and fill out any specific facility-reservation requirements and pay online any rental or cleaning fees for any facility that’s reserved.

    Calendar of events.

  • Concierge and vendor services
  • Video Intercom

    Concierge services

    Coordinate requests for services (e.g. in-house concierge or approved service providers (e.g. dog walking, housekeeping, dry cleaning, laundry, window-washing, pest control, reservations, or car service.). Schedule massages, shoe polishing, and other personal services. Request and schedule cleaning and at-home services for residence.

Benefits for Owner (Read More…)
  • Increased Revenue
  • Revenues increase from uptake in revenue producing services, and used responsibly, the platform offers potential for advertising and promotion.

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduction in operating costs from energy savings, reduced downtime, improved system efficiency, data, tools and information to streamline staff and much more.

  • Increased Property Value
  • Increased Net Operating Income from increased revenue and decreased operating expenses.

  • Happy Residents
  • Residents feel self-empowered. Engaged Residents and Staff.

  • Happy Staff
  • Staff receives data which helps them be more productive and effective.

  • Reduced Injuries and Frustration
  • Of residents and staff, reaching for cords to open/close curtains or to plug in lamps, confusion about which lamp switch controls which lamps.

Benefits for Property Management Provider (Read More…)
  • Front Desk
  • Log-in visitors, guests and issue special permissions.

    Key management for resident keys and property keys.

    View resident and tenant information.

    Receive valet requests.

    Create incident reports.

    Have a common shift-notes section for information pertinent to various shifts.

  • Receiving Department
  • Package Logging and automatic resident notifications

    Contractor Check in and Badging (with vendor management)

    Move-in Schedule management

  • Maintenance & Support
  • Maintenance Service Requests & Reports

    Recurring Tasks / Preventative Maintenance (mobile app available)

    Work Order Management

    Inventory Control

  • Property Management Provider
  • Integration into popular accounting systems.

    Complete private-label solution to complement corporate identity.

    Simple training across departments with unified platform for maintenance, access control, management, concierge services, amenities administration and more.

  • Resident Management
  • Resident/Tenant/Owner Information

    Automated Email, fax or SMS Notifications

    Store resident documents (E-File)

    Prepare and send notifications and violations via email, fax or mail

  • Administration
  • Maintain Resident/Tenant/Owner Database

    Communicate via email, fax, message board, or SMS any events or activities

    throughout the property or in other facilities

    Manage violations, escalations and fines

    Accept credit card payments locally for FOBs, ID cards, parking spaces, etc.

    Manage the digital message board right from the administration console

    Post maintenance schedules or other important information in electronic calendar

    Manage facility reservations and accept payments for cleaning, rental and other fees

    Have a complete history and audit trails for all activity in the system

With EvoPad the EcoSmart and the Vertilinc solutions are integrated into one comprehensive and integrated solution, each resident can access the benefits of both systems through the EvoPad. A very easy to use, intuitively laid out app that lets residents access and control all the functionality from both systems through one integrated app.