EvoPad Core Value Proposition

Increased Average Spend – EvoPad is a perfect tool to interact with guests, from built-in video intercoms to messaging or upsellling promotions of revenue generating services available at your facility. Evolutix will help you increase your average spend per guest, boosting your bottom line.

Lower Costs: Decrease hotel operating costs – save energy in vacant rooms, generate data that improves staff efficiency. The operation and marketing benefits to hotels far outweigh the cost, and allow hotels to dispense with paper directories, marketing materials and communication letters.

Guest satisfaction - EvoPad gives guests full control, when they are in the room, EvoPad gives them access to control the technologies in their rooms, which typically include television, temperatures, fan speeds, but can also include operation of shades and curtains, as well as lighting control, to change the lighting with various different lighting scenes, many other technologies can also be integrated.

EvoPad is a powerful communications platform that provides amenities and control for guests but also collects and generates data and analytics, which can be provided to several different departments within a typical hotel. From cost control to revenue management and everything in between. EvoPad will help department heads develop strategies to enhance the guest experience as well as operate the hotel more effectively and helps owners minimize operating costs and extend equipment life.

Sustainability: Share your success stories and let guests know the sustainability initiatives you’re implementing and eliminate the headache and cost of updating the hotel book, significantly increase guest participation in Green Initiatives

Increased Asset Valuation: by increasing net operating income.

With EvoPad guests can control their environment (temp, light, shades) to maintain comfort while in the room and save energy when they’re not.

EvoPad amenities improve the resident experience and engagement with the community, for example, EvoPad may include these and many more:

EvoPad Features

Valet Concierge Dining
Digital Hotel Directory TV,HVAC,Lights,Shades & other Rooms Controls View Bill & Express Checkout
PMS Integrations Digital Menus Dynamic Pricing Updates
Smart Guest Messaging Late Check Out Housekeeping Requests
Room Service- In-room Dining Ordering Restaurant Menus & Reservations Spa Services Info & Appointments
Engineering requests Local City informations News & Weather
Room Service, Do Not Disturb, Intelligent Doorbell Group & Conference Information & Targeted Custom Offerings Jogging guides and other activities
Digital Concierge Bellman Services Valet Services
Multi-Lingual Secured Web Browsing Apps & Games
Sponsorship Options Advertising And so much more!

Interactive views provide services, content, messages, and information tailored to residents and their interests

Key management tool to monitor productivity and streamline operations

Information can include personalized education videos such relaxation videos, images, and music to help relax and improve the overall residence experience

Typical Layout Vertical Hi Rise

  • Automated Blind Controller
  • EcoSwitch Lighting Controller
  • Shades and light
  • Tray Tracker
  • EcoTouch Wireless
  • Electronic Lock integration
  • EcoGaurd
    (Plug Load Controller)
  • TV

Typical Network Architecture