Simple yet Powerful Monitoring

  • Real-time view inside all your buildings and the individual spaces within the building

  • Monitor a single room or monitor thousands of rooms simultaneously through a single dashboard.

  • Easily identify rooms that are not performing optimally and proactively identify problems before they lead to complaints.

  • All stakeholders, resident, manager, owner will have access to pertinent data and the engineering and facility management teams will quickly see the value in remote diagnostics.

    • Graphs that in a glance identify equipment that isn’t working properly

    • Historical data to pinpoint moments of failure or changes of state

    • Unusual data patterns can signal an operational inefficiency

    • Human behavior, like leaving the door open for extended time – will be detected and communicated, leading to changes in behavior that translate into savings.

Full Control & Comfort:

  • Manage lighting and temperature set-points, security access and overrides across all your facilities with just a few clicks.

  • Virtual thermostats, light switches, and outlets to simplify control

  • Change temperature settings room by room or apply the changes to a group of rooms or the entire property with just a few clicks.

  • Patented Recovery Time technology maximizes energy savings without compromising comfort. Thermostats control the temperature within the room and constantly track the amount of time it takes the HVAC unit to bring that room back to the desired set-point and how quickly the temperature drifts when the unit is not running. Recovery Time allows the temperature in an unoccupied room to drift far enough to harvest energy savings while still being able to return to the occupant's set-point within the defined recovery period.

  • High humidity can wreak havoc at any property for HVAC systems, EvoPad thermostats include the "Refresh Cycle", an effective passive dehumidification strategy applied during unoccupied periods. The Refresh Cycle forces the air conditioning system into a sustained 10 to 15-minute cooling drive every 4 to 6 hours to keep humidity at manageable levels and remove stale air from the room. An additional benefit of this strategy is seen when used on PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioners) in that you will never have a frozen coil again – improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Anytime – Anywhere

  • Cloud-based no on-site computers and servers to worry about, easily manage and optimize performance and comfort from any computer, tablet, or smartphone app

Alarms and Alerts

  • Notifications can proactively alert you via text or email if a system is down, outside a certain threshold, or not operating properly.

  • System Status and System Alerts enable facility managers to monitor HVAC issues proactively as well as maintain, repair, and replace necessary components, such as batteries for wireless devices.

  • Communicate with Property Management Systems and Building Management Systems to integrate data points from the complete building infrastructure.

  • EvoPad provides a consistent stream of alert useful notifications that help identify inefficiency and highlights savings opportunities

Smart Reporting:

  • EvoPad ensures automated and accurate collection of data and offers powerful reporting tools that provide insight to help remotely identify and proactively assess problems to reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life. Floor planner reports that visually rich reports that convey unit-by-unit/aggregated energy savings reports and track progress toward a defined savings goal.

  • Access organizations building performance data in one place and communicate relevant information to stakeholders with scheduled automatic reporting

  • Create energy analysis templates for quick access to the information you need

  • View energy savings by floor and savings by orientation of building (eg. all West facing rooms). Identify room-by-room variance from average cooling and heating runtimes and identify sub-optimally performing rooms. A high runtime may be isolated to a single room due to a potentially malfunctioning Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit, prompting a maintenance check.

  • Identify HVAC units that may be malfunctioning, allowing engineering resources to be deployed selectively and proactively while ensuring continuity of comfort.

  • Create reports with system and individual Performance Metrics, track unusual occupancy statistics, and catalog units that have declined in efficiency.

Robust Financial Returns:

  • Reduce usage and lower energy bills. Average payback period is within 5 years with options to be cash flow positive the very first month.

Powerful Measurement & Verification

  • Track room-by-room energy savings and aggregate the total property savings to calculate exactly when the EvoPad system has paid for itself.

  • Use information from detailed statistics such as runtime versus occupancy or savings or time to qualify for "green" certification, including LEED® certification, secure rebates from the local utility, or prove that a hotel has achieved brand sustainability standards.

  • Evidence and promote savings achieved

  • Communicate savings with dashboards, circulate reports, show performance of energy against targets, benchmark and much more.

  • Provide access to energy data with our user access, suitable for the novice user wanting to easily track usage

  • Brand EvoPad in your corporate style and promote it as a special solution associated with your brand.

  • Use EvoPad to promote yourselves as an energy conscious organization.

  • EvoPad provides for both periodic and continuous monitoring of lighting, HVAC, and plug-load consumption.

  • The ability to benchmark comfort and energy performance for projects anytime, visualize real -time improvements, add LEED points, with attractive return on investment and overall system performance are just a few of the many benefits of the EvoPad solution.

Informed Capital Planning

  • Analyze historical data by site and let EvoPad help identify where energy saving opportunities and the best return on investment can be made.

  • Sustained energy saving nearly always requires investment- be informed to make the right decisions

Streamlined Operations

  • Gain valuable operational insights derived from granular data and improve your security, process monitoring, working hours and employee behavior.

  • Monitor the occupancy status of all rooms, allowing your staff to know when rooms are unoccupied so they perform their services without disturbing the occupants.

  • Track the battery life of all in-room devices and take corrective action to ensure all systems are operating at peak performance.

  • Early detection of equipment failure: Avoid unexpected failures by detecting impending problems before a failure occurs, resulting in fewer failures and customer complaints.

  • Preventative maintenance: Cut costs and improve productivity by identifying equipment failures ahead of time, eliminating unscheduled and expensive equipment downtime.

  • Improved effectiveness of planned maintenance activities that enables a more efficient use of staff resources.

  • Track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, improving inventory control.

  • Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reliability with real-time energy data to help ensure that each critical device is running optimally and efficiently.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs & Service Calls - when buildings systems are running efficiently, they require less maintenance - saving time and money.


  • It’s a known fact that data can provide greater visibility and understanding. When applied correctly, the data can lead to efficiency and behavioral changes that yield measurable improvements. EvoPad provides the data needed to benchmark and performance test each room and has the power to aggregate the data and transform that data into useful and actionable information. These benchmarks are particularly useful to compare performance of a portfolio of properties across an enterprise.

  • Typically, the more granular the data, the more useful the results, the EvoPad and its underlying devices collect data as granular as a history of set-points and light switch positions and the amount of energy flowing through outlets – all this data is tracked, stored and available for download and further analysis. EvoPad allows property managers and residents to track activity and feel an extra level of comfort knowing the data to analyze is always there.

Turnkey Provider

  • Around 70% of guest room hardware and software functionality is consistent across different vendors? The remaining 30% makes all the difference, and that’s where EvoPad stands above its competitors.

  • It is for this reason that at Evolutix we encourage clients to look beyond just basic functionality requirements when determining what system is right for our clients. Consider key differentiators such as user experience, user adoption, collaborative capabilities, mobility, deployment options, ease of customization, ease of extension and integration, and of course, the affordability of the solution.

  • Installation –

    our experienced, qualified and certified installed will take care of all installation needs

  • Software -

    Our software systems ensure your energy related data is well presented and meaningful.

  • Hardware -

    Scalable, reliable and affordable hardware from ENMAT. Your trusted solutions provider.

  • Support –

    best in class solutions deserve best in class support, available around the clock.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

There is a great deal of peace of mind that comes from knowing someone’s watching things when you can’t. The EcoCare program offers various levels of support ranging from hosting to full active and pro-active monitoring of all connected devices. The program will be catered to client’s individual needs. Regardless of the final choice, it’s a fact, that remote equipment diagnostics save money and time.