The Benefits of involving Evolutix and deploying the EcoSmart and EvoPad can be summarized as follows:

  • Increased Average Spend : EvoPad helps increase revenue per unit by offering guests and residents value added services. Features include ability to interact and engage with guests/residents, from built-in video intercoms to messaging or upsellling promotions of revenue generating services available at your facility. Advertising and other revenue stream options are available. Evolutix will help you increase your average spend per guest/resident, boosting your bottom line.

  • Lower Costs : Unlock significant cost savings by reducing energy waste from unoccupied rooms. Reduce costs associated with retention and acquisition of guests/residents. Generate data that helps improve staff efficiency in building operation. Dispense with paper directories, marketing materials and communication letters.

  • Guest and Resident Satisfaction : Give guests full control, when they are in the room they can control the technologies in their rooms, which typically include the television, temperatures, fan speeds, and can also include operation of shades and curtains, as well as lighting control, to change the lighting with various different lighting scenes, many other technologies can also be integrated.EvoPad is a powerful communications platform that provides amenities and control for guests but also collects and generates data and analytics, which can be provided to several different departments to improve operations and the resident/guest experience. From cost control to revenue management and everything in between, data will assist in the development of strategies to enhance the experience and operate the facility more effectively, help owners minimize operating costs and extend equipment life.

  • Sustainability : The energy reductions have direct reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) which can appeal to guests/residents who care about sustainability as well as for public relations. In addition to the energy savings and other indoor air quality improvements and the information to optimize staff productivity, there are many points that Evolutix can generate to assist in the certification of buildings for the LEED rating system developed by the US Green Building Council. The data can also be used to share your success stories and let people who live or stay in your property know the sustainability initiatives being implementing and communicate the results.. EvoPad also allows hotels and properties eliminate the headache and cost of updating the Directory and significantly increase participation in Green Initiatives.

  • Increased Asset Valuation : The solutions Evolutix offer help properties stand out from the crowd and offer differentiated technology solutions that lead to increased revenues through uptakes in revenue producing services and the potential to generate advertising revenues.