We are evolutix

We provide Intelligent Living Environments that offer Useful and Functional Amenities, environments that are Feature Rich and Future Proof and deliver persistent Energy Savings and Operational Cost reductions!

We embrace Open Standards, Transparency, Integration and Ease of Use to deliver a great user experience, optimized energy use and positive impact  to the triple bottom line.

Our sustainable solution is modular, scalable and cost effective for new construction and retrofit projects.


Our Mission at Evolutix is to delight people’s living spaces. EvoPad is designed to have a meaningful impact on comfort, convenience and overall quality of life for the people occupying these living environments.

Typical Living Spaces are vacant a great deal of time, at which time EvoPad helps preserve the natural environment by saving considerable amounts of energy and associated costs.

At Evolutix energy savings do not come at the expense of comfort. We provide both, using the latest technologies to optimize equipment use and provide useful information that streamlines our client’s operations!

Research, Development & Technology Group

Evolutix expertise is centered on technology, our development team is based in Brazil and is focused on providing solutions founded in advanced Engineering and Computer Systems.

Alis evolved from Tecgraf / PUC-Rio which was designed as the link between research and product, and Evolutix provides the business vision and commercial acumen to monetize the innovation cycle.

This technology-alliance was created to support and facilitate the development of technology and Evolutix offers a comprehensive approach of turnkey solutions that include the installation, maintenance, operation and ongoing support of the installed technologies.

Group with high value in human resources 323 professionals

Unique Evolutix

Evolutix core value proposition is developed around open standards with flexible yet standardized integrations, and offers building performance data with advanced analytics, and is delivered through a simple and powerful user interface that allows people to control their environment with a tablet or their smartphone and delivers convenience, occupant health and well-being by helping them avoid trips and falls , improved building efficiency, reduced operating costs and increased asset value.  

Smart is the New Green

“Green” was a mega trend of the last decade and while it will continue to be important, there is a shift towards “smart” products, which are intelligent, connected and have the ability to sense, process, report, and take corrective action. Products that are simple to use, intuitive to operate and offer convenience as well as save energy.