We are Evolutix

We provide Intelligent Living Environments that offer Useful and Functional Amenities, environments that are Feature Rich and Future Proof and deliver persistent Energy Savings and Operational Cost reductions!

We embrace Open Standards, Transparency, Integration and Ease of Use to deliver a great user experience, optimized energy use and positive impact  to the triple bottom line.

Our sustainable solution is modular, scalable and cost effective for new construction and retrofit projects.



Student Housing

Senior Living

Why EvoPad ?

EvoPad is an engagement platform that can be deployed across a property or an enterprise and gives residents full control over their living spaces. When residents are in the room, EvoPad lets them control their indoor environment through any mobile device which they can use to control the TV, change the lighting to create different lighting scenes, operate the shades and curtains as well as the thermostat to adjust the temperatures or fan speeds. When integrated with electronic door locks the residents can send electronic keys to temporary and permanent guests as well as service providers like housekeepers, dog-walkers, etc. When residents leave the space, all devices are switched into energy savings mode to conserve energy when the space is vacant. Typical energy savings range from 30-45%.

EvoPad is communications platform that provides amenities and control for the resident and offers data and analytics to the building manager and owner to minimize operating costs and extend equipment life. Evolutix can deploy the system to minimize CAPEX spend, platform maintenance, and unpredictable costs. We manage everything so you don’t have to.
Simplicity is key –the technologies we use are extremely intuitive and user friendly, with easy to read screens, clear labels and multi-lingual support. Products used are approved for use by all major hotel and senior housing companies with brand standards (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Starwood, etc.).

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