Integrated Energy Management Solutions
Smart Sustainable Cities

In the city of the future, public smart grid infrastructure, intelligent street lights, traffic solutions, water management, green buildings and security are just some of the advanced technologies that must be present to reduce the load on the global environment and lead us to better urbanization.

Evolutix provides an integrated solution of the best-in-class technology products that reduce your utility consumption and overall environmental footprint. Working with all sizes of industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal facilities, Evolutix develops and implements sustainable energy consumption strategies using the best technology solutions and products in the market. Our expert team of LEED consultants, energy analysts, engineers, partners and specialists has developed proprietary tools and products to accurately track real-time data on utility consumption.

Evolutix creates intelligent urban development projects delivering high quality and reliable multi-application platform solutions capable to deliver the most efficient results reducing your carbon footprint and positively impacting your bottom line.

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Evolutix is a company dedicated to Energy Management Systems. Evolutix develops and implements sustainable energy consumption strategies for both new construction and also retro-commissioning projects to maximize return on investment.

Evolutix infrastructure creates a platform for your business to automatically conserve energy, resulting in an immediate and positive impact on your bottom line. Evolutix, powered by EcoSmart, offers a product suite capable of creating an in-room energy management network that can be configured to meet the requirements of most building's environments, providing and installing any combination of intelligent thermostats, occupancy sensors, door contacts, and plug load control devices. All products can be networked to enhance energy efficiency and provide remote monitoring capability.

Hospitality solutions integrate various areas of hotel infrastructure providing a unique guest experience, improving guest comfort, savings through installations, and operating and maintenance costs throughout the entire life cycle of the building. We recognize that every hotel operation is unique. Energy savings concepts must match desired guest comfort as well as internal workflows. Our solutions and building automation and control systems automatically control energy consumption while retaining the flexibility and individuality required for hotel workflows, capable of automatically changing the lobby temperature at night, programming setbacks, monitoring each individual room from check-in through check-out. Depending on the operating module, you can also control all other relevant parameters such as lighting, cooling, heating, and other comfort features such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and olfactory monitoring.